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Underground Ink & Piercing Tattoo/Piercing Care

Tattoo Aftercare

*Important: You are about to participate in a procedure that may cause infection, scarring, or other skin reactions in certain individuals. Your tattoo is permanent, and future actions to remove it may result in permanent tissue disfigurement and damage.

Tattoo Aftercare Days 1-3

You’re going to want to leave the bandage that you were provided with on for approximately two hours. It is not recommended that you cover your tattoo for much longer than that.

Once the bandage has been gently removed (if there are sticking issues remove under cool water), you will need to wash your tattoo with cool water and a mild anti-bacterial soap such as dial or soft-soap.

Once the tattoo has been cleaned you will need to pat it dry with a clean paper towel and allow it to further air dry for a few minutes.

Upon drying your tattoo you will need to apply only enough of the provided ointment to your tattoo to moisturize it. Your tattoo needs to breathe and applying too much of the ointment will likely cause adverse side effects. Remember if your new tattoo is shiny you are using too much ointment.

Continue this process for the next few days, applying ointment when your tattoo feels dry. Usually that will be two to four times daily. Frequency of application will vary depending on your lifestyle and activity level.

Tattoo Aftercare Days 4-14

Provided that you have kept your tattoo properly moisturized with ointment you will notice it beginning to flake and peel. Flaking and peeling is a completely normal process and should be no cause for alarm during the healing process.

During this time you will need to discontinue the use of ointment and switch to a fragrance free body lotion (as fragrances can irritate or burn your still healing tattoo).

Apply the lotion liberally until the peeling and flaking has subsided.

While Your Tattoo is Healing

Do not submerge your tattoo for at least two weeks. This includes but is not limited to pools, bath tubs, or hot tubs. Normal showering is permitted and encouraged.

Do not allow the shower to beat directly onto your new tattoo as it may further traumatize the skin.

Do not pick or scratch your new tattoo while it is healing. Itching is a normal part of the healing process, and scratching may cause scabbing and removal of the ink from the tattoo.

Do wear comfortable loose fitting clothing that limits contact with your tattoo. Tight clothing and clothing made of abrasive materials can damage your new tattoo to the point of health issues.

Do try to refrain from any activities which can cause stress, damage or possible infection of your tattoo (i.e. contact sports) for at least two weeks.

Do feel free to always call us with your questions or concerns.

Possible Side Effects to Look For

In some cases individuals may develop an allergic reaction to topical ointments or tattoo pigments used at the store. While it is normal for your tattoo to scab over, peel or flake. It is not normal for it to ooze, drain or form pus. If you notice extreme irritation, burning sensations (outside of sunlight as your tattoo will be heat sensitive) or swelling of the area you will need to wash off the ointment immediately. Continued swelling, redness, tenderness or even a fever can indicate a possible infection in your new tattoo. If you suspect an infection please consult your physician immediately. Untreated infections can not only disfigure your new tattoo but more importantly cause illness and permanent tissue damage.

Last Words

As always we are here to answer any and all questions you may have. Feel free to call us at anytime.