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Complete Piercing Services from Our Renowned Tattoo Parlor

Express yourself with the tattoo and piercing services from our tattoo parlor in Lexington, Kentucky. At Underground Ink & Piercing, we offer a wide selection of ink styles and body jewelry for men and women. Our artists are here to bring your designs to life for a one-of-a-kind look.

Welcome to Underground Ink & Piercing!

Underground Ink & Piercing is a locally owned company that has been servicing the tattooing and piercing needs of the Lexington Kentucky area for over a decade now. Started in the summer of 1998 at our flagship location South Limestone, we were a staple on campus serving the students and residents while building our stellar reputation as the campuses only true tattoo and piercing shop.

We continued to fulfill the needs of our community until the summer of 2009, when we were forced to relocate to our current location of 600 South Broadway.

Underground Ink & Piercing is still as devoted to our clientele as we were when we opened. We offer a wide variety of services to suit all of your tastes. We specialize in all forms of tattooing including portraiture. Underground Ink & Piercing can also accommodate any piercing service you can imagine. As well as offering the most experienced genital work, surface piercing, and dermal anchoring in town.

Underground Ink & Piercing is able to provide you with the best experience in town. Be it through a new tattoo, a reworked piece of art, or a precision piercing. At Underground Ink & Piercing we are able to give you everything from the softest grey shade tattooing, deep black designs, vibrant full color pieces, and excellent portrait quality tattoos.

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We can even offer you piercing from the most basic lobe piercing to exotic and creative genital and body projects. The most important thing we specialize in, however, is our impeccable bedside manner and customer service. Our aim is to always make sure our reputation stays as perfect as the work we offer. All our artists are Health Department Licensed. We provide services to commercial, industrial, and residential customers. You can be guaranteed that Underground Ink & Piercing meets and exceeds all health requirements!

Contact our tattoo parlor in Lexington, Kentucky, to show off new ink.

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